hey there! i'm adaeze.

the easiest way i can help you pronounce my name correctly is, like a flower. a daisy. not "ay-daisy." just exactly how you'd say "uh." how you'd say, "there's a daisy." we good? moving on. =)

welcome to a lil' part of my world. she the adventurous is a way for me to share parts of my life, mainly some of my adventures & creativity. i have friends that often say to me things like, "what's new? it seems like you've been everywhere!" so, since there's not enough time in the day to catch up with all of you over a non-coffee drink (i don't drink coffee -- crazy, i know), here ya go! hopefully this will help.

for those friends i haven't met yet: the most important thing you should know about me is i'm in love with Jesus.

i'm adventure-hearted, & you'll find me at one of my happiest of happies (just made that up) when i'm outdoors exploring. i love to travel & discover new places. i come alive in the outdoors. & also in worship. i connect best with my Creator in nature & through worshipping Him.

i'm a 30-year-old who loves creating; music & art are some of my favorite ways to create.

so let's be friends! feel free to click on any of my social media icons below & say hey.

  photo cred: sarah verno of breakthrough photo + design

photo cred: sarah verno of breakthrough photo + design