beach time!

next we headed to the coast. the drives were all so beautiful. one moment we're in the mountains & forests, & a little later we're driving along the coast.we set out to find tree root cave, but never did. instead we blasted old-school steven curtis champman music from the bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears sent me & explored on the beach at kalaloch campground.

sometimes things don't go as expected or you don't find what you're looking for. but when ya keep a positive attitude, shrug your shoulders, & make the best of your situation, it all works out. add one of your besties in the mix, & ya can't lose. we got some snacks at the lil store at kalaloch campground, & the friendly clerk asked about our journey. we were planning to visit la push & second beach next; she suggested that if we love seafood (we do), we get salmon at a certain spot. sounded good to us! except, it wasn't what we thought. more on that later.

we arrived at rialto beach just in time for the sunset. it was beautiful.

but we were starving & craving that salmon of which we were told, so we followed the clerk's directions... which brought us to a house. wait, what? this can't be right. we double-checked the street & house number. this was it. a lady sided up next to to our vehicle, on my driver's side. i rolled down the window, & the following conversation ensued:

lady: "you all lost?"

me: "well, we were looking for a restaurant to eat some salmon."

lady: "we have salmon. (gestures toward the house.) right on the front porch."

me: "ssssooo0... you're not a restaurant." (no effort made to hide my disappointment. sorry, i was getting hangry.)

lady: "no, but we have salmon ready to eat."

me: "oh, you do?!" (hope rising)

lady: "yeah, it's all wrapped, raw, & ready for you to eat. you just gotta cook it."

nnnope. -__- hope crushed.

eventually we asked her where we can eat cooked seafood at a restaurant, & she told us of the only restaurant in the area called river's edge. we drove there & both had our fill of a delicious seafood platter made of salmon, shrimp, scallops.  IT WAS GLORIOUS.

we drove to la push, set our alarms for sunrise, & car-camped.