beijing airport + temple day

day 2 of our trip was pretty interesting. we didn't get to explore beijing at all, but we got an awesome free breakfast before everyone on our delayed flight from yesterday had to meet to be taken to the airport. once at the airport, it got a lil ridiculous. slowly but surely, esther got bombarded by her very own chinese paparrazzi. it was crazy. here are some snippets from my snapchat story from that day, for those who missed it:

i meeeean.. who does that to a complete stranger? haha. without even asking too. but who needs personal bubbles anyway. ;)

once we landed in bangkok, esther & caitlin found out their bags were lost. so that was fun. (not at all.) cautionary note to future travelers: a fellow traveler told us bags often get lost between beijing & bangkok. so if ya can, do carryons only! you've been warned. =)

we took a taxi to our hotel for the night, got dinner on khaosan road (best pad thai i've ever tasted), & went to bed.

sta tuktuk.JPG

day 3 began with breakfast & fresh juice smoothies before taking our first tuktuk (see 3-wheeler above) to go see some temples in the old city! it's crazy, all the intricate details of those things. we began at grand palace, broke for lunch at nai phun (where i had DELICIOUS prawn pad thai.. 2nd day in a row havin pad thai & i aint even mad about it), & then ended at wat pho. caitlin really wanted us to see the reclining buddha, which was our last stop. he's humongous!!

sta templeday 006.JPG
sta templeday 007.JPG

afterwards we split up so caitlin could run to the airport to pick up hers & esther's bags that finally made it from beijing to bangkok. 

esther & i headed to our cooking class at may kaidee restaurant & cooking school. it was so fun! they were great about esther's peanut allergy & adjusted our ingredients for her. we learned how to make chili paste, cashew sauce, tom yam soup, massaman curry, &.... PAD THAI!!! bwaaahhh! i was so excited to learn how to make authentic pad thai in thailand. all the dishes we made were delicious, if i do say so myself. the whole time, esther & i felt like we were on a show for a cooking competition, the 2 of us against the rest of the class. (we won. ;)) we finished eating, gathered in a circle, & were taught some fun thai dances. cooking + dancing? come on. it was awesome. after dancing, we got to enjoy dessert already made for us, which was sticky brown rice with mango. SO YUMMY. sticky rice with mango is mine & esther's new favorite dessert. the coconut milk drizzled around it makes it even better.

we got a cookbook with all the recipes of what we made in class, the dessert, & other dishes.

we met back up with caitlin -- who had the bags! we piled into a taxi for a long drive to kanchanaburi. checked in to our sweet hotel, appropriately called good times. tomorrow will be my favorite day here yet i'm sure. stay tuned!