brb, going to iceland!

greetings from reykjavík! after a 6-hour-45-minute direct flight from denver, we have safely arrived in iceland. charlotte's parents dropped us off at denver international airport, & security was pretty simple... & upon our arrival to iceland, customs was pretty simple as well. 


our first stop in the airport was of course for some breafast at a charming spot called joe & the juice (their fruit shakes are sooo goood!) to wait for our rental vehicle to arrive. while there, we noticed the music being played was, what we considered, total garbage as far as the lyrics were concerned... so i started playin some hillsong young & free + bethel music frommy phone, & the 3 of us rocked out singing worship songs & maybe being a tad obnoxious.. buuut it's fine. we're in iceland. we're in friggin iceland! ah!!

it didn't take long to find our attendant from sad cars (where we reserved our rental... which i think should be renamed happy cars), & she apologized for being late. she drove us to pick up our rav4 ~ "sven" as the 3 of us decided on his name soon after we'd left ~ & gave us a few tips, & we were on our way! it's windy, rainy, & foggy, & we're pretty much loving it.

there was an episode at the gas station, where rachel may or may not have got into a verbal fight with the gas pump that was NOT in english... buuut, ya know, all part of the adventure! =)

already we have had so much favor on this trip. the first song that came on my phone at joe & the juice was "this is living" by hillsong young & free. i keep just smiling to myself at random moments on this trip in the simple joy that i have the opportunity to go on this adventure with 2 of my gal pals. i keep thinking, this is living... for me, this is a huge part of squeezing the most out of life that i can, & living the full abundant life that Jesus died to give me -- by taking advantage of opportunities to adventure & explore God's earth. to not just dream about going to iceland one day, but to actual make moves & go. & be here. & to enjoy it, all of it, even when things don't go as planned (i mean let's face it, we don't have much planned for this trip anyway). i love grabbin a new perspective & keeping things fresh by way of travel. it helps me to stay energetic & joyful about life & to keep a good attitude in my day-to-day. i think it's important for each of us to have something in our lives that does that for us.

it's so surreal. rachel, charlotte, & i have talked about for this for what feels like so long, & we're actually here. hashtag is this real life?

God is good, you all. day 1 of our iceland adventure is off to a great start!

"the world is a book, & those who do not travel only read one page." _st.augustine