rocky mountain national park. new friends. reconnecting with old ones. standing on a frozen lake.

what a saturday to remember. i just love putting on instameets. some may find the idea completely foreign... to get people out from behind their phones & actually meet in person & cultivate relationships among other creatives to ultimately do life together. but life begins at the end of our comfort zones... & over & over again i've really found that to be true since the first time i put on an instameet last february of 2014.

we all met up at coffee on the rocks, & then caravan'ed to moraine park. it was super windy in the open area with gorgeous views of some rockies, but we braved the cold & had some fun. laughing, jumping around, venturing out on the icy pond, catching up. you know, the usual. =)

the next stop was bear lake. the wind wasn't an issue here, as we weren't in the open so much with all the surrounding trees. bear lake was completely frozen over with quite a thick layer of snow on top. it was so cool to have been to bear lake last summer when it was completely.. well, a liquid lake, & then to be back in winter & stand in the middle of it.

i am so thankful that i live in the most beautiful state of colorado, where nature is literally at my fingertips & is my playground. i love exploring God's creation, & it's so majestically displayed here, as it is everywhere. what's a beautiful place you've ventured to recently? where do you plan to go next? make 2015 a year to explore more.