crooked creek ranch

back in the beginning of march earlier this year, i had the opportunity to help lead praise & worship for my church's youth group retreat. it was an amazing weekend to get away into the mountains & to go further & deeper with our relationships with the Lord. the kids were hungry for more of Jesus, & it was still to this day the most fun i've had leading worship. my co-leader jerrica & i jumped around on stage, completely undignified in the presence of God, mirroring the joy & energy the youths were worshipping our Creator with. it was a blast! plus, it's never a bad thing getting to explore in the mountains while you're at it!

every time i go to crooked creek ranch, it's a breath of fresh air. i'm reminded of my Savior's immense love for me as my eyes take in the grand views i enjoy out there. when i breathe in that crisp mountain air, it's like a sweet whisper gently helping me keep perspective -- that my life is but a vapor. we're like a mist that appears for a bit & then vanishes, so there are no promises of tomorrow. which means we need to take advantage of the abundant life the Lord came to give us, every single moment... living life to the full.

trips like these are so crucial to me. so often i find myself in this place of thankfulness for getting to do what i love, where i love. colorado is such a perfect state for me. (i've said before thst God created colorado just for me. ;)) the mountains are my happy place, & getting to enjoy His presence in His creation is a complete joy for me. it rejuvinates me.

where's your happy place? don't let too much time pass between your visits. become a regular there, & allow God to refresh your mind through the change of scenery during your stay. i've found this to be a great way to keep my sanity. & it doesn't have to be alone. share your happy place with a family member or a friend; but don't hesitate to take time away just for you, by yourself. it's totally ok to be a loner once in a while. in fact, it's vital for me to have some "me" time.

i think most of us know this, but maybe not a lot of us put it into practice. busy schedules, the needs of others, & more get in the way of that. i hope you remember to take care of you too. it's not being selfish. if anything, it's best for everyone that you do this, or who knows when you may explode from stress or business. ;)