echo the Son

so encouraged by how God's been using red rocks worship's sophomore album "into the light." & thank you to everyone who helped it debut as the #1 album on the iTunes Christian & Gospel chart upon its release back in december!

i had the honor of co-writing a song on our new album. the Lord first gave me the words of "echo the Son" last december 2014. the hymn-like words of the verses came from pondering what Jesus must have been feeling in the garden of gethsemane before going to the cross... when He was in so much angst, He was sweating blood. can you imagine? - knowing the weight of the cross, begging your Father to take this burden from you if at all possible, & still ending with the most beautiful prayer: "yet not my will, but Yours be done." that's insane to me. i want forever my prayer to echo that of Christ's in that moment, for my heart to always mirror His heart attitude no matter what i face, constantly trusting that the Lord knows best.. so it is ALWAYS, without fail: "not my will, but Yours be done, Father."

look at how much glory the story of Jesus accepting God's will over His own pointed to the Lord. our testimonies, our stories, they are always worth the pain, because God wastes nothing. He WILL in due time raise us up mighty & strong, if we humble ourselves & surrender our will to His (1 Peter 5:6). but it's a daily choice, to choose to trust in the Lord with all our hearts, leaning not on our own understanding, believing He's in control & He's got this.

interesting fact about "echo the Son:" i was writing it as a slow song at first, & immediately i heard my teammate dave anderson's voice on it. that's a super humbling thing: God giving you a song that you write from a very vulnerable place, & then telling you someone else is gonna sing it. my flesh at first put up a tiny bit of a "hmph" attitude, but i couldn't get dave's voice on the song outta my head, & i knew i needed to be obedient. that Holy Spirit wouldn't let me have any peace about it until i obeyed.

so when dave & i started co-writing on it a few months later, it was almost like God was telling me, "okay... live these words out. trust me with this song. let it go. 'caaause dave is singing it." & MAN am i glad dave wrote this with me. i absolutely love writing with dave, & he honestly has one of my favorite voices. the words & melodies he added just propelled the song. he completely brought this song to life. without dave, it would NOT be what it is. when he & i finished writing "echo the Son" back in march of this past year 2015, listening to his demo of it for the first time brought tears of joy to my eyes. it was so so cool to see how God weaved the finished product from where the song started. it was even more amazing for me to have let go & reaped this kind of reward. more fulfilling than i can fully explain in a blog post.

because i'm a huge fan of my teammates, I felt this a well-deserved victory for dave. he didn't lead a song in the last album, & i believe this song really effortlessly shows off his God-given talent.

anyway, this song is special to me for so many reasons. it's an instant reminder of trust, letting go, & the genuine joy that comes from doing those 2 things wholeheartedly. hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!