exploring reykjavík

our last full day in iceland was filled with delicious íslandic food, souvenir shopping, & lots of reykjavík exploring.

it's kinda like walking an outlet mall, what with how many cute little shops lined the streets. we had lovely weather too. such a fun saturday with my galz!

we finally explored hallgrímskirkja, the church of charlotte's dreams & iceland's largest church. with it being the 6th tallest building, it was awesome standing beneath it & gazing aaaaall the way up to the cross that graces the top.

we enjoyed a simple day. we got our loved ones souvenirs & got ourselves some stuff to bring a bit of iceland home with us. we tracked down a hotdog stand we'd heard about called bæjarins beztu pylsur, which literally means "the best hot dogs in town"... & i think they were. we checked out a couple ships at the harbor & skipped down the streets. we ended the night at kex, a lively spot where we cracked each other up to the point of tears over appetizers & drinks.

yep... twas a wonderful last full day in iceland. real, authentic, & really just us.

even though we leave tomorrow, we still have fun things planned. our adventure isn't over yet!