foco instameet

can you believe that until march of this year, i'd never explored inside a brewery? that all changed when i decided to put on an instameet at new belgium brewery in fort collins!

what a fun experience. i love stepping out of my comfort zone. when i do this, it allows the Lord more room to move in my life. i mean, i got to talk about Jesus with someone i just met in the middle of a brewery that day. talk about uncommon! i absolutely loved it. & all because of an instameet.

we got a free (what!) tour of the beautiful brewery & were able to get creative within its walls. i'm not a big beer drinker, & even i enjoyed myself! i love how different people are skilled at different things. i didn't know the first thing about making beer, & i got to learn from those who did. life's fun that way. being open to new things, even if it's different from what i'm used to is something i'm constantly trying to improve.

life is more beautiful when we open ourselves up to all kinds of experiences! i encourage you to continue to do the same. then watch as God does wonders from that openness, like He's done for me time & time again.