green mountain, co

a couple pals & i took to green mountain this past weekend. it was such a fun time to catch up on life & share how God's using us in our different lil worlds. i'm confident that friendships grow stronger while exploring on adventures. i've been blessed with all kinds of friends who share my same love of adventure, & it humbles me every time i think about it. not only do i get the chance to adventure all the time, but i get to share these memories with some pretty rad people too.

we hiked an unexpected tough hike to the top of green mountain, as at least 90% of it was an uphill climb. against my own will, the song "the climb" kept popping in my head as i heaved through the cold air. no matter, because the views on the way & once atop were completely worth it.

sometimes i just need to get outside, even if it it's freezing & snow is covering the ground. the outdoors is definitely a happy place of mine. it's so refreshing for me to just stand in awe of my Creator's beauty.

some friends have asked me why i'm always going on adventures, & i'm not sure i ever understand that question. why wouldn't i go on adventures almost any chance i get, especially when i live in such a beautiful state like colorado? why would i pass up opportunities to make epic memories by taking physical risks & pushing my body to hike miles to the top of a mountain? not only is it a blast, but it keeps me from falling into the complacent mundane that every day life can become. my life is full of adventure & chances to explore God's grand earth. for me, that's one of the only ways to live. life on the edge.

two words: l i v e b o l d l y . every single time you're offered a choice that involves greater risk, take it. you may lose on many of them; but when you add them up at the end of your life, you’ll be glad you did.