half the fun is getting there

one of my best friends esther & i decided to take a trip to washington & british columbia! this is the first of quite a few trips on which we wanna go. we flew out sunday late afternoon. well, barely. as most of you know, i'm a worship leader at wonderful red rocks church, for our new arvada campus. when esther & i bought our tickets back in early spring, arvada campus was only being talked about. more than that, we couldn't have known how awesome its opening in september would be, so much that arvada campus would add a 3rd service time at 1pm. which meant now, my getting to our 3:45pm flight on time would prove to be a bit crazy.

esther & i figured it wouldn't make sense for both of us to be scrambling to get there on time, so she had gone ahead of me, checked in our shared big suitcase, & was good. my awesome boyfriend gave me a ride from church to the airport in record time; after some not-long-enough hugs & a few smooches, i went straight to security with my carry-on.

when i got there & saw the scene in the above photo, my heart almost sank a little. instead i mumbled under my breath, ok Lord... You know my situation. i'd really like to not have to wait on standby for another flight to seattle. i trust You.

with text updates from esther on the boarding process, i was still on my way with 9 minutes 'til they closed the door of the plane. i arrived just in time (& still wasn't the last passenger to arrive! score.) to the sight of esther, all the way down the plane in a middle seat, with her arms above her head in congratulatory fist pumping. it was such a great feeling! thank You Jesus for helping me make it.

[wpvideo dlobo9P9]

our direct flight landed us in seattle a little early, to perfect overcast weather. we grabbed our rental, dinner to-go, & made the awful mistake of reserving a room at a place called garden suites in des moines. a few seconds in our hotel room, & we changed our minds. it was gross. not worth the cheap price tag. see video below for esther's thoughts on that place:

[wpvideo ocxmNDG9]

needless to say, we found a hampton inn, which, compared to garden suites, might as well have been a castle. we were extra thankful... "look how pretty everything is!" was said quite a few times in laughter. crazy how much the little things matter when traveling. since we were going to car-camp some, we wanted our hotel stays to be worth it.

we got great rest, enjoyed delicious complimentary breakfast, checked out, & headed to our first destination: mount rainier national park!