íslandic waterfalls & a beach

what a day! we went to 2 waterfalls, the 2nd of which was skógafass, & that one was my favorite. you know those moments where you see the power & might of our sovereign Creator being mimicked by His creation? in a huge rushing waterfall, i experienced that today. the way the wind caught up the mist from the thundering downpour of water just had me absolutely mesmorized. we checked out black sand beach a little later on. the black sand there just made it all the more beautiful. i'd never visited a beach that had black sand on it, so that was pretty cool for me to see. i wanted to bottle some of it up & take it home with me, it was so rich in its contrast to the sea foam that repeatedly crept up & sent us screaming & giggling as we scurried away up the shore. again we the vastness of our God in the strength of the ocean as the 3 of us just stood & watched the diligent dance of those waves. what a simple yet grounding moment. moments like that happen often when i'm adventuring, & i love it. "i feel so small. i love when i feel like that." ~ rachel, as we stood on the beach watching the waves make perfect curves preluding their epic crashing onto the shore.

at the end of the day, we pulled out a big map to somewhat plan out where we wanna go tomorrow. i am so excited for the exporing & adventures to come! if day 1 of our trip is any indication, it's gonna be awesome.

thanks for any prayers for our safety.. the 3 of us truly appreciate it.