monument rocks, kansas

might surprise you what beauty you can find in the middle of kansas! the country's flattest state has some gorgeous hidden gems out in the middle of nowhere. & one of my best friends charlotte knew i'd been wanting to go here since i first mentioned this place to her back in the spring of 2014. so when's a perfect time to make the 5 hour roadtrip? a random friday afternoon works for us!

we hopped in charlotte's crv & drove to monument rocks national landmark in grinnell, kansas. upon arriving, we realized that for some reason, a bunch of flies & hornets were attracted to the vehicle. we had to quickly close the door whenever entering or exiting the vehicle... more than once, a hornet got in the car & we battled it out, while simultaneously trying to avoid getting stung or letting another bug fly into the car. it was the best of times.

we caught sunset among the rocks, which was magnificent. unfortunately, most of my photos from june got deleted when i dropped my phone in a lake =/ so i don't have much to show from this trip... but it was still a blast getting to finally see monument rocks!