mount rainier national park

we didn't plan to spend our whole monday at mount rainier national park, but who could blame us?! the place was magnificent. the clouds were low all day, showing off the park's fog game. but the sun broke through here & there as well, giving us perfect chill weather.    we drove freely through the park, stopping whenever we wanted to hop outta our rented subaru to enjoy the foggy breathtaking views engulfing us.

our first main stop in the park was christine falls. the water was my favorite color, surrounded by lush greens. to top it off (pun intended?), a lovely stone bridge effortlessly framed the waterfall.

we stumbled upon other waterfalls. literally chased fog. caught fog. drove through layers upon layers of fog. danced in the clouds. sang at the top of our lungs. found a canyon. dangled our legs over the vastness below us. sometimes just stood with smiles on our faces, taking in all of it.

it was such an amazing start to our trip! even though we didn't get a view of mount rainier because the clouds concealed it from us, it was still so worth it.

only when the brightness of the clouds began to fade did we realize we should probably head out before dark. we headed to our next destination for the next day, grabbing dinner along the way, & car-camped for the night.