my new living room

i bought a home! i’m a homeowner!

still so fun & a bit surreal to be able to say that. it’s been a goal of mine since i turned 30, so to have accomplished that at 32 feels really great. #adulting! it’s definitely a big financial responsibility & has made me hafta buckle down even more with my budget. wanna be a good steward of what the Lord’s given me. but like i said in a recent insta post: it’s such a blast!

i’ve been pretty busy traveling this summer; but when home, best believe i was happily updating my space & making it my own. it’s an old home, built in ‘73 ~ so it already came with quite a bit of character. eventually i’ll share with you all some of the other areas of my new home, but today i’m excited to share my living room!

one of the things i love most about my living area is its openness & the windows that allow a ton of natural light. i’ve always wanted hardwood floors in the main area of my home, so it was a huge blessing that both the living room & dining room floors were already this beautiful vintage-y crosshatch pattern. i love it. the light wood color also really goes with my aesthetic & the outdoorsy elements of my decor.

when choosing seating for my living area, i wanted comfortable coziness with a touch of modern chic. i’m a huge fan of blankets, & i happen to get gifted those a lot or get them sent to me by companies, so my blanket stash is perfect for completely covering my sectional. it also warms up the room in an inviting way. i like to have a purpose for every area & even kinda think in terms of specific zones. so i offset my beloved sectional with 2 individual clear chairs on the opposite side of my coffee table. i added a lil gold end table between the 2 chairs so that the chairs have their own lil seating area within the larger seating area. i went with clear chairs because it’s visually not as heavy as the blanket-covered sectional. the clear chairs also match my clear coffee table (& my clear bar stools in the dining area… photos of those coming in my dining room post eventually!). even with a patterned pillow on each, the clear chairs don’t take up a ton of visual space, which helps in making the living room not appear too crowded. i wanted seating that wouldn’t take up too much physical space too, so as to leave ample space behind for walking to from the front door to the rest of the home. when i found these chairs for 40% off at a craft store, i was sold!

ever since walker edison sent me my clear coffee table after i moved into my previous rental apartment a few years ago, i’ve taken a liking to clear furniture. my living area isn’t huge, so i love the size of my coffee table. again, its visual light-ness offsets the sectional & black rug. i also like that this coffee table has more than 1 level to place items, making it even more functional for storage. i like keeping interesting books, games, candles, & coasters on its shelves.

2 green ottomans add more seating & are low enough that they don’t block the tv when not in use. i love these green ottomans! my friend & coworker deb set me onto them after she got them for a shared office space at work. the tops open for storage inside ~ always a plus when furniture has more than 1 function. i keep an air mattress in 1, & in the other i keep the air pump & sheets for the air mattress. eventually i’m gonna get another smaller rug to layer on top of my main black rug, & put it underneath these 2 ottomans to zone that space out as it’s own a lil more. adding a floor pouf in front of the ottomans & some floor cushions stacked against the sectional gave me even more relaxing seating options for when my life group starts back up again next month!

don’tcha just love adding personality to furniture? it’s as easy as swapping out the drawer pulls of your tv stand & throwing a textile over the top of it. for my drawer pulls, i went with some large crystals i found at hobby lobby. the colorful mini throw i picked up in thailand a few years ago & have never had the perfect place for it until now. i love how it brightens up what otherwise woulda been a pretty visually dark area of the living room. another decor option i’m a big an of is using bright colorful baskets for hosting my plants. just another fun way to add some personality.

since I didn’t want all my blankets on my sectional, i put some of my favorite patterned blankets on display with a partially-painted ladder i found for super cheap at home goods, instead of stowing them away unseen. (the ladder was such a win! it was just leaning in a corner of the store with no price tag, so i carried it to the register to ask if i could buy it.) a blanket ladder is such a fun way to cozy up any corner of a room. i put my record player & records next to it with the floor cushions, & now that corner is its own lil calm listening area. i’ve been wanting to try a mirror wall for some time now, & i’m LOVING how my diy mirror wall turned out! it doubles my space in a way & really opens up the room even more, reflecting all the natural light of the space. i got all my mirror panels from home depot. highly recommend making sure you hang each panel correctly & securely, or else you’ll have panels falling like a few of mine in the corner did before i fixed the problem. mirror mastic is your friend here!

for the focal point for my wall, i chose a large calendar. it’s so convenient to be able to just glance at the wall when on the phone scheduling something out or tryna figure out which date something falls on, etc. this particular calendar alternates between white & black pages each month, & each option brings a different feel to the room decor along with it. more tassels drape over the top of the calendar, because why not? =) for the rest of my living room wall space, i spray painted some old frames silver, printed out some of my favorite adventure photos from my travel, & hung those to add to the outdoorsy feels.

as you can see i love bringing the outdoors indoors in my decor. over the years i’ve collected some tree stumps & repurposed them for my home. the lil corner by my tv has 2 of them i’m using as plant stands. i used a couple other stumps for my entryway on top of a couple small layered rugs (gotta have somewhere to put my shoes when i remove them upon entering). a small bright woven bowl on top of 1 stump provides a catch-all for my keys once i come in the door. i hung a round mirror to compliment the tall stumps & added a bit of personality to the rope mirror with peacock-print masking tape around the edge! i painted both sides of my front door: the outside is turquoise & the inside is this lively bright yellow. if you couldn’t tell, i’m a large fan of tassels. i wrapped a couple around the door knob, & they just make me smile. don’t be afraid to update your door hardware either! partly for when i airbnb & partly because i like how it looks better, i swapped out the original nickel hardware on my door for this shiny gold set. i also added a peep hole, cuz #security. i love my lil entryway space. just because your home doesn’t have a specific entryway/hallway built in doesn’t mean you can’t create your own!

i just bought these jungly floral curtains from target & am so pleased with how much of a difference they add to the space! they definitely helped bring the space together. & of course, throughout the whole space are aaall the plants. such an easy way to liven up an otherwise empty corner, whether they’re on the ground or hung from the ceiling or surrounding your tv. keeping with bringing the outdoors indoors, plants also just have a refreshing quality about them. since i travel a lot, i’m not ashamed of mixing real & faux plants, especially for a corner of a room that doesn’t get a ton of light. i have both real & faux plants in my living room, & i actually think the faux-liage ;) helps make the real plants look better! i added some tall twigs to the corner between my curtains, & i like how the twigs pair with the plants for this corner.

there was originally no lighting in my living area, so instead of spending money getting ceiling lighting installed, i just hung some edison bulbs with inexpensive plug-in cords around the perimeter of the room surrounding the ceiling fan (which is perfectly old-fashioned with its style ~ no updating needed there). i love how the bright red cords contrast with my favorite color wall. quite a bit of unseen extension-cording makes it so all 6 of the lights turn on with the wall switch by my front door. i’m happy with this lighting option as opposed to recessed lights because it adds more character to the room. that & some colorful pillows to up the cozy factor.

so there ya have it! i absolutely love how my living room is coming together. when i walk in my home, it greets me with the bright eclectic vibes of a some kind of cozy jungle. it seems like the trend for decor is neutral & simple, which is great for others & honestly looks beautiful too! but i just love COLOR & fully embrace patterns upon patterns with more than 1 color option. i don’t really agree with any “rules” for decorating & refuse to be boxed in by them. you shouldn’t be boxed in either! so if you wanna try somethin a lil different in your decor options, i say go for it. it’s your space, so it should be what you want & make you happy, regardless of if it’s the ‘trend’ right now. what i love about my living room is its vibrancy & how it bursts with colorful energy. it’s very me, so that’s all the rule-following i cared for.

if you have any questions on where i got anything, leave a comment or hit me up on the insta post for this!