ohhh vancouver...

we started off our 4th day with the capilano suspension bridge. there weren't a crazy amount of people, which was nice, the fall leaves were gigantic, & the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

after walking around the park for about 45 minutes, we headed to a late lunch/early dinner at an amazing spot we stumbled upon called tap & barrel. awesome service & a really cool interior theme, right by the water too. not to mention the delicious drinks & food. was kind of our favorite part of visiting downtown vancouver.after dinner, & after an unfortunate & just not fun scuffle between esther & a vancouver policeman, we headed to stanley park for the sunset.

we took turns sitting in the car while the other went to the water to take in the view of the skyline... & on esther's turn to go enjoy it, a family of raccoons decided to chase her. needles to say, she was done. with vancouver, that is. that was kind of her last straw. so, we drove back to washington, with less than 24 hours spent in vancouver, belting the national anthem at the top of our lungs with our windows down and sunroof open as we neared the border. take that, vancouver. ;)

i've left out a lot of details, because i strongly believe our experience in vancouver is esther's story to tell, hehe. maybe i'll ask her to hop on here & add to this blog post her take on our time spent there.