rareform shoot

i do a bit of photo ambassador work (using my iphone6) for companies i believe in. rareform contacted me a few months ago saying they were huge fans of the style of my instagram feed & wanted to send me some free gear for me to take photos, which is always humbling to hear. rareform is an outdoor gear/lifestyle brand creating sustainable products (duffels, backpacks, wallets, & more) from upcycled billboards.

one of my favorite places to drive to in colorado is toward mount evans. one might think there's nothing fancy about it, & they might be right... i just love how the skinny trees line the winding roads once you take the mount evans exit & head to the mountains. i've been over that way a few times, & each time i go not many people are there, & i barely pass any vehicles on the road. i think that's more because of the time of day i go usually... ps - have i mentioned that i LOVE having mondays & fridays off? nobody is around during the day! which is kinda nice after being around people a lot for my job. either way, there's something so calming & peaceful to me going up there. i've driven it alone before, & it was one of my favorite solo adventure days. kinda brings about nostalgic feels, good times of reflection, & honest freeing conversation with Jesus.

anyway, it was a no-brainer where i wanted to do this photoshoot for rareform. i grabbed a couple of my friends with some of the biggest personalities i know, esther & chelsea, & we braved the cold for a fun shoot. breaks to warm up in the vehicle were frequent, but the ladies were champs & awesome natural models, as you can see.

special thanks olloclip for sending me a replacement 4-in-1 lens after i lost the first one they sent me =) which i used during this photoshoot. check out rareform's website at rareform.com! great people with great products.