stage style

haven't done a fashion post in a while! so today's fashion post is for everyone, as always, but especially my fellow worship-leading ladies.

being a worship leader is pretty much the highest honor & privilege i believe i could be bestowed. some may think those on stage should dress a very specific way at church. i love to show my personality through what i wear, while being creative & wearing pieces together i've never tried before. i take leading worship seriously, & if i'm on stage, for me that's more of a reason to make sure i'm putting my best foot forward... even though it's not about me, & it's all about Jesus. i don't want bad clothes to get in the way of Him using me! ;) come on now! particularly if you attend a contemporary church, it's easy to look respectable, & still be comfortable & just dressy enough.

this weekend i went my favorite acid-wash jeans from target. at first i was a teeenie bit hesitant to pair them with grey hues... but after i saw the outfit in the mirror, i changed my mind. it may be different, but that's ok. i love how summery they are, & they add just a little more character & fun than my regular dark jeans. target has a great selection of acid wash jeans, but the ones i'm wearing are here.

i've had this blazer for years, & it's the most comfortable one i own. i found it on amazon for super cheap, ordering a large so that it'd fit looser on my long frame. for realz i've received sweet compliments every time i can remember wearing this blazer.

personally, i feel more confident when i wear heels on stage. might be silly, but sometimes it's the little things, right? i enjoy pairing some dressy heels with a casual top. & i don't always wear heels on stage; but when i do, they're low-ish... not more than 2-3 inches, since i do a lot of walking around in between the 3 services a weekend for which i get to lead worship. these michael kors heels are my current favorite pair. i'm not huge on big-brand-name shoes, but i love how comfy they are... after wearing them all day saturday & half the day sunday, my feet felt/feel great. perfect heel height for a busy weekend. one of my besties esther helped me pick 'em out at dsw, which makes them even sweeter! =) plus i got 'em on clearance. double score. (unfortunately i couldn't find these online on neither dsw's site nor michael kors'.)

i love a good blazer-over-graphic-tee duo. my big-lettered graphic tank is from one of my favorite clothing companies, walk in love. i won one of their instagram contests & got to choose this slouchy tank! it's so comfy & reminds me of what Jesus said in john‬16‬:‭33‬ ~ “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. in this world you will have trouble. but take heart! I have overcome the world.”

it's always a plus when you can look nice while being a positive message. don't be afraid to get creative with your outfits, ladies, even if you'll be on stage. be comfortable, be you, & most importantly, shine bright for Jesus.

also, enjoy the rest of your weekend!