i planned an instameet for the first time... & people actually attended!

at the beginning of the year -- around my birthday in january, to be exact -- the Lord really put on my heart a desire for community outside the church. it's great to have friends who are believers, but if we aren't careful this can turn into somewhat of a bubble. i desired to meet people in a more natural setting who i could build friendships with & to whom i can be a light.

i'd seen friends i made through instagram who lived in other states attending what Instagram calls 'instameets,' & it seemed like so much fun. i wanted that for colorado. so i searched & searched on Insta, but couldn't find any account devoted to that or even an instameet anywhere. i felt the Lord say to me, "why don't you start one?" excuse me? i was immediately thinking: no. no one would come. it'd fail, & it'd be embarrassing.

but i finally did it, with the encouragement of some friends i'd made at Steadbrook. i planned the instameet for february, got the word out about the instameet through the account i created on Insta called Colorado Instagram, & the Lord just helped the meet & the account take off! it's been a blast. i've met some great people in colorado who love to go exploring just as much as i do. how awesome is that?!

don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, friends. take a risk on community. it's so worth it.

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