the wonderfulness of page|AZ

thrilled that i have friends who are always down for adventure... even if it means a last-minute midweek quick-turnaround roadtrip a couple states over. i took to the road with my friends glenys & lizelle to visit two places i'd been wanting to see for years now.


we left for arizona on a tuesday afternoon. on the way, as we passed through utah, God treated us to quite the lightning show. so of course we had to pull over to enjoy it & try to catch the elusive bolts on camera. also: how did God even think up lightning?! He is so friggin creative. (& why is lightning such a strange word for me to type? i'm not proud of how many times i had to backspace & start again to get that word out correctly.)


we arrived to horseshoe bend long after dark, & camped on the outskirts of the parking lot. thanks to it being midweek, the lot was empty sans maybe 2 or 3 other vehicles. we awoke for sunrise & made the short hike to see the bend. WHAT. A. SIGHT.

our ecstatic expressions below say it all... we were beyond overjoyed to be sitting on the rim of this majestic place!

after spending some time at horseshoe we grabbed some breakfast & then drove around exploring & killing time until our tour reservation.

next stop: antelope canyon!!!!!! bwaaaah i had dreeeamed of this place. we did the lower antelope canyon, as i had researched & discovered it was the better option in comparison to the upper. also, i suggest you don't spend the extra money for the "photographer's tour." sure you can bring a tripod, but we booked our tour for the first lot of the day & had plenty of time to stop & take aaaaall the photos we wanted. no seriously. it was amazing.

to say God's creative beauty & artistry is on flawless display here is still an understatement. my iphone & sometimes olloclip suited me well in attempting to capture as much of it as i could. i think i'm gonna print some of the photos i got there to hang in my home!

we grabbed some lunch, met up with a friend of mine's dad (because when you have friends from the little town of page, arizona, you meet their family ;)), & then parted ways, as i had to be back earlier than lizelle & glenys. i stopped by lake powell on my way out, spending some time kicking my feet in the cool water, since it was blazing hot that day.

sometimes the unplanned last-minute trips are the best kind. this is one that will go down as one of my favorites. had some really great 1-on-1 time with the Lord on my drive, & i hope to get to visit utah again, as i'd only been there once before passing through on this trip. if you're thinkin of visiting antelope canyon or horseshoe bend & have questions about either one, feel free to leave me a comment! happy travels!