to the top of a waterfall & beyond

to the top of a waterfall & beyond

day 2 showed day 1 what was up! we got breakfast at the restaurant of out hostel & prayed the rain away. it worked, because though it was overcast it was way clearer than the day prior!  we returned to our favorite (so far) waterfall in iceland, which is seeable from our hostel. there are a bunch of steps next to it that remind me of colorado springs' incline hike, so of course we started up them. a guy in our hostel the might before had mentioned that there was an awesome view from there, plus a river above the water fall to hike next to. he was right.

the hike was absolutely breathtaking. it was so cool to see all these smaller waterfalls that lead up to the main event waterfall. we climbed some rocks & found some more black sand between the lush areas by the water. we cracked each other up as we, like usual, conversed in goofy voices... & at random times we'd remind each other, "guys - we're in ICELAND." then we'd all have a lil rejoice sesh.

we spent hours up there. it was so so refreshing to feel the materfalls' mist on our faces & breathe in that fresh islandic (yes i spelled that way on purpose ;)) air. we returned down all those steps & then returned to the base of skógafas one more time to stare up at that beauty.

we then drove to the town of vik for some fpod at black sand restaurant. it was closed, but we saw glimpses of some awesome rocks so we said "forget you, restaurant" & headed up the beach. since we eneded up eating some awesome fish & chips & lamb a little later at another place, it was totally worth it!

black sand beach is just so so cool. & "cool" feels like it's not even a good enough word.

at the end of the day, we stopped for the said fish & chips & lamb (yep, i got both, & it was deeeelicious). we put off another place to explore til day 3, because we were unsure if places to ear for dinner would close early as well, as we'd seen some places already be closed (it was only about 8pm, & that black sand restaurant had closed as early as 6pm). we then stopped at a gas station to grab some snacks for breakfast & headed back to our hostel.

we pulled out our big map before heading to bed to pick where we wanted to go on day 3. now, i'm SUPER excited for a couple of these spots... i think one of my faves of the trip will be one of these. but i don't wanna ruin the surprise! stay tuned for where our adventures take us next!