"well... should we do something?"

that's the phrase that started our day today. the 3 of us enjoyed a lazy morning in our beds, & relaxed for about 2 hours. finally around 11am charlotte slowly sat up in her bed, was quiet for a moment, then asked in her hilariously-adorable congested voice, "well... should we do something?" rachel & i busted out laughing. she had a point. but we all agreed later that we truly needed the rest, especially charlotte having been fighting that nasty cold. today she felt so much better, praise God! after a day like yesterday that was almost overwhelmingly awesome, as in each stop being better than the last, a slow start to this morning was what we needed for sure. i love that we didn't even decide on that the night before or anything.. it just happened.

we finally crawled out of bed & got ready for the day. we found an abandoned ship & of course had to crawl aboard. rachel is a huge fan of lighthouses, & according to our map of iceland we were close to a couple... so we decided to try to find those & also explore their surrounding towns. we grabbed some items for breakfast from an adorable store owned by karl pòrdðr indriðasom (yes i asked him his name & yes i then asked him to write it down when it sounded like he sneezed his middle & last names), & then we had a little indoor picnic. chill & perfect for the feel of our day.

we found both lighthouses. rachel was ecstatic. the views were delicious, & then the weather quickly changed to fog & snow, chasing us back to our vehicle with freezing fingers.

we thawed out & continued our drive. we explored some of the towns we drove through, then we came up to some rocks on the shoreline of a beach in austurland that were being splashed by some pretty major waves. daringly we stood & sat at the edge of the cliff, the thrill rising in us, giddy as we watched the waves approach us & screaming with delight as mist of ocean spray reached above our heads. it was a blast, & a relaxing stop (also completely in line with our day) for us to just enjoy God's nature yet again.

we returned again to the cute store for dinner supplies & cooked a delicious simple ham & noodles meal back at our hostel. a couple arrived from toronto, but other than that we still had the hostel all to ourselves. over dinner, we talked about how great the day had been, & how beautiful & romantic of a God we serve... that He would create all this majestic simple beauty for us, His kids, juuust because He knows how it makes our hearts skip a beat when we come upon yet another wonder of His love in creation.

we took our dessert to our room, & hung out on our beds. we noted how much we love adventuring, but how these quiet times are just as important to even it out. i love these girls, & i am so happy to be in iceland with them. plus they're both beasts at driving stick-shift. thank God.